How To Paint A Union Jack Using Annie Sloan

00 union jack guide

1 small union jack before
I got asked a lot how I painted a large Union Jack patterned desk a week or so ago so…
Here I’ll show you step by step how I transformed a simple little desk into a Union Jack desk.
Step 1 – find a suitable piece of furniture, make sure it’s clean, bear in mind that a flag is generally twice as wide as it is tall – but you can cheat a bit I guess

2 union  jack DSC_4045

I’ve started off masking off the area I want the flag to be and painted it Old White, the rest of the desk I’ve painted in Graphite. Two coats of each. I’ve left a little gap in-between, you’ll see what that’s for later on.

3 union jack tape

Using the guide at the top of this post I masked out the areas where I would use Emperor’s Silk for the Red, Aubusson Blue for, well… the Blue. This is the trickiest bit, if you’re good at mental arithmetic I guess that would help. I use plain old masking tape but I do use a scalpel for any cutting – throwback to my graphic designer days! try not to press the tape down too hard, but then don’t make it too flimsy. It’s a fine line between pulling off paint and the tape just coming off!

4 union jack

Here’s the Emperor’s Silk down, I like mine quite textured but I guess you could paint it in a smooth style if you like. I brush away from the masking tape so as to avoid any paint bleeding under the tape.

5 union jack

I’ve applied the Aubusson in the same manner, leave each layer to dry in between.

5.5 union jack no copper

Ah, the moment of truth. Carefully, and I mean carefully, peel off all your masking tape. Mine pulled up quite a bit of paint but I just touched up those area with an artists brush. I like my pieces looking a little rough. I don’t like perfect!

6 union jack

This is when I used some Copper Leaf to fill in the gap around the flag. Again I used masking tape and applied Gold Size in the strip where I wanted the Copper to stick. When the Size was ready ( that’s when it turns clear after a few minutes ) I used the scalpel to score a line next to the masking tape, and then carefully peeled the masking tape off – leaving a fairly straight border of size. Then I used a dry brush to put down the Copper Leaf. Brush away any extra bits and retouch as necessary.

7 union jack

This is where I think it comes to life, because I’ve applied my paint in a textured manner it shows off all those imperfections and brush strokes when you apply Dark Wax. Always use the Dark Wax in conjunction with the Clear Wax for a job like this. Although having said that, I did use just Dark Wax over the Graphite body – hey, there’s always exceptions to the rules.
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