Hitting a Sweet Spot!

This was an old Bookcase with some marking to the veneer. I’ve used Annie Sloan Old Violet and finished with some Clear and Dark Wax. On the doors I’ve up cycled some Xmas gold foil wrapping paper which has been cut out into letters and stuck to the inside of the glass doors with diluted PVA (it dries clear!)
I’ve always fancied something with a bit of sweet nostalgia.
Also this is a good example of how to use Dark Wax to show off wood grain.
I painted one coat of Annie Sloan Old Violet on the wood, which had quite a grainy surface, (could be oak, not sure). By using Clear then Dark Wax I’ve managed to really accentuate the grain in the wood.
It’s easy, just give the surface a quick once over with a thin coat of clear – then work the dark wax into the grain. At this point it will look very dark – don’t panic – use a clean cloth with Clear Wax on it to wipe off the excess Dark Wax, just leaving however much you want in the grain.
For a shinier finish, buff the next day or for no shine just leave it.

violet sweets best shot

violet close up mint toffees

violet close up violet

violet wood grain old violet

violet angled  sweets

violet angled right side

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