How To Make A Festive Star From Spare Old Planks, Wooden Pallets or Scaffold Board

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Here’s an idea I had while I was sleeping the other week (weird I know – but that’s how I roll sometimes)
I was dreaming about stocking up on Amish Barn Stars for Christmas, plus I needed to get rid of a pile of wooden pallets that had been building up outside our store.

Hey, how about making my own Rustic Stars out of old wooden pallets?
Those tin Barn Stars cost a fortune, the pallets are free – heck, let’s give it a try.
Then I worked out the maths (still asleep!) and 36 is the magic number… each angle of a five-pointed star could be 36º… if I cut one triangle with two 36º angles and then two triangles with an 18º angle one end and a 36º angle the other… anyway, that was the theory.
An hour after I woke up I had my pallet in bits and a saw in my hand. And you know what – it worked, and it looked pretty darn cute.
Then I began behaving like the guy in ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ who keeps making models of the mountain, (c’mon, you remember).
I built a few more, I painted some with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint of course, then I built a few bigger ones with wider planks, I started using decoupage. I moved onto re-cycled scaffold boards with a wash of Annie Sloan Old White (to show off the grain) and it’s like – yeeeessss, these actually look really cool.

As far as I know – no-one else is making Stars in this simple way, I checked Pinterest, Instagram and Googled it and found nothing quite like them – so I thought I’d share it with you all – so you can make your own Funky Festive Rustic Stars. The nice thing about this is you can make them as big or as small as you like and decorate them as much or as little as you like. Hey, if you have your own pile of pallets, you could maybe make some money out of this – everybody likes a nice Star!
To make it easy for you guys I’ve attached a template which you can use to get your angles with some step-by-step instructions below which you can print off or copy.

So all you need is
Planks of Wood (planks from old pallets are ideal, just get all the nails out)
A Saw
Tape Measure

Nails or Screws to fix together
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for decorating (buy the colour of your choice here)
A Clamp or Strong Hands
Festive Spirit

star page 2
Click picture to make bigger
star page 3
Click picture to make bigger
star page 4
Click picture to make bigger – it doesn’t matter what size you print this pic – the angles will be the same

nice with dog

from above slightly

individual star

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