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About the Paint

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Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™

Well what can I say about this paint that hasn’t been said already?

Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan is without doubt different to most paints on the market. Different in a good way that is. The thing I like most about it, is it’s sheer versatility. It’s not a paint where you have to follow a strict set of rules and you end up with something that looks like a factory finish.

With Annie Sloan the world’s your oyster – you can achieve a modern style flat finish, or a textured finish, but you can also achieve a whole lot more, I’ve been using the Annie Sloan range of products for quite a few years now and I love the fact that I’m still finding out new ways of using them, and the best bit is, it’s great fun!

Incidentally, Annie Sloan is a real person, just in case you were wondering. She’s a lovely lady with bundles of energy who is very hands-on with her business and is passionate about helping small independent shops (like us!). Apart from writing more than 20 books on painting and decorating techniques she also invented Chalk Paint™, as you do!

Annie developed her wonderful Chalk Paint™ to answer the need for a single paint with multiple uses, which could be used on any surface without any priming or preparation. (THAT’S RIGHT – NO PRIMING OR SANDING DOWN NEEDED!) The colours in the range can be used straight out of the tin, mixed with whites to create a whole range of tints, or diluted with water to create a wash for wood. It is a simple eco-friendly, water based paint which offers great coverage which means it is surprisingly good value for money. For an idea of how much you can get out of a 1 litre pot of Old White check out this link Old White!

Another feature that makes it unlike any other paint, is the way and the time it takes to dry, the surface, the structure, the look and the huge variety of ways you can paint, all make it special.

At Dovetails we paint A LOT of furniture, we have tried several other brands in the past, and now – we only use Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan.

Who are we? We are a real bricks and mortar shop (that’s us below – Sue and Perry) where you can come in and ask us for advice on anything to do with Annie Sloan, if we’re not around one of our lovely girls will be able to help you out, everyone’s a paint expert here! We run workshops, teaching everything from colour washes to craqueleur. We also sell painted and unpainted furniture, and lots and lots of quirky bits and pieces that we pick up from auctions, fairs and flea markets. We do like pieces with a bit of a French flair, ooh la la!

Check out our blog , instagram or facebook pages for more information, or for more inspiration we’ve got a great Pinterest page too

For more information and tips check out the  Annie Sloan Website

If you’re picking a colour, you ideally need to see it in the flesh!  Please be aware that colours may look slightly different on your monitor, we advise using a hand painted colour card for a true representation.

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