Magnetic Paint Brush Holder


● Clips onto the side of any paint tin, kettle or bucket.

● Strong vertical magnet holds paintbrush down towards paint with horizontal magnet for high fill level tins.

● Allows you the freedom to move around the room and allows paint to drip back into the can

● Designed with useful paint can opener included. For use with paint brushes with magnetic ferrules.

Tired of cleaning up the mess of dripping wet paint? Most people will rest a wet paintbrush across the can, letting it drip all over the place and risking it falling in the paint, creating a right mess. This incredibly useful tool solves the problem. Clip it onto a paint can and magnetically rest your brush on it when it’s time for a tea break. Two magnet positions can be used – the higher one keeps the brush above the paint when the can is full, so it doesn’t get overloaded, and the lower one can be used once the paint level is lower. The magnets are strong enough that they will work even when covered with paint. The tools also features a paint can opener on the back. Ideal for professionals decorators, DIY’ers and furniture painters


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200 g


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