How To Make a Face Shield / Mask using a Laser Cutter














I have tried to make this as simple as possible with the least materials, you can improvise any part of this that you need to. To clarify this is something I have designed and made to help people, it has not been endorsed by any authority or had clinical trials – I’m just putting it out there – Free to use as you see fit.

What you’ll need

Equipment / Tools

A Laser Cutter – any model or brand as long as it is big enough for material that is 29cm x 40cm (that’s around 12 x 16 inches) – or – a good pair of scissors or sharp crafting knife

A good pair of Scissors

Materials – You can get these on Amazon, although it’s a struggle to get the plastic sheets at the moment

Sheet of Flexible Clear Plastic – I have used .8mm thick Translucent Polyproplene – or – you can use anything that bends and is fairly rigid – as long as it is safe to cut.

Flat Elastic Ribbon 25mm (just under 1 inch) wide waistband sewing elastic – or – any elastic, string, I’ve even used rags, as long as it fits through the slots or can be stapled to the shield

Thick High Density Foam Draught Excluder 20 x 25mm (just under 1 inch square) with adhesive backingorupholstery foam cut into strips with strong double sided tape to fix. I have also tried small polystyrene blocks and they work quite well too.

The clear plastic is cut into 295 x 400mm –  the two ‘headband buckles’ are about 40 x 40mm

The Flat Elastic Ribbon is cut into 40/45cm lengths to allow for plenty of adjustment

The Foam Draught Excluder is cut into 15cm lengths

To Make

Cut your plastic out – use the FACE MASK DESIGN pdf template I have attached or go from the measurements I have provided above.

Attach the sticky backed foam centrally between the holes cut for the headband, push it down firmly to secure in place.

Thread the elastic ribbon through the slots and buckle as shown.
Adjust the straps for a comfortable fit – Hope this helps, take care and stay safe.