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Fancy some Ice Cream?

With all this miserable weather around, I fancied cheering myself up by painting something cheery and bright. This cupboard was just a plain white box before I started, I used Louis Blue which just doesn’t get used enough in my opinion for the body of the piece and Old White for the inset panel to the […]

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Look out for our ‘new’ A-board outside the shop

Our old street sign was looking a bit worse for wear and needed a makeover, what better way to do it than with some Annie Sloan Old White and I used Annie Sloan Decoupage to transfer our typography. Going to see how it goes with some Ronseal yacht varnish over the top to give it […]

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Just loving those transfers!

Here’s some before and afters of a big dresser I’ve just finished – great fun! I used Annie Sloan French Linen and Old Ochre, Annie Sloan Decoupage for the transfers and Annie Sloan Craqueleur for the lovely old oil painting effects. All transfer images from the amazing Graphics Fairy website – big thanks again, love […]

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French Typography Project – Ooh La La!

This large French wardrobe had been sitting in my garage for quite a while – the problem was that the doors couldn’t shut properly because the very old ( and very complicated!) hinges were broken. Finding replacements was proving impossible. Then last week I had a brainwave – why not just take the doors off, […]

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Talented Customers

A lovely customer has shared her latest creation with us – we think it’s terrific. She’s used 15 different Annie colours and different knobs on each drawer – great stuff Clare Johns and thanks for sharing!

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First Painty job of the New Year

It’s nice to get back to painting again – Paris Grey mixed with Old White and a little Greek Blue, details are in French Linen. I used craqueleur all over to get the lovely little cracks everywhere. You wouldn’t guess it was about 3 years old and horrible orangey pine before . #morethanpaint #ChalkPaint™ #dovetails #anniesloan

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Just couldn’t resist this

You know when you get an idea in your head – and you just want to see it in ‘the flesh’ so to speak… 

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Annie Sloan Decoupage on a chest – lifesize!

After painting a Chest for my daughter Daisy, we felt George should have one too! The idea was to take a picture of George, do some Photoshop (CS5.1) work on it, to turn it into an outline image but still retain detail. So it looks something like a comic book illustration. I think I used […]

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2014 and all that…

Just wanted to wish all our customers and friends a great time over New Year’s Eve, My resolutions are… Try and get fitter Try and cut down on the booze Definitely spend more time painting! what are yours? x

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Annie Sloan on Leather

My favourite thing about Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan is, well..the fact that you can do so many things with it. Get experimenting! Check out pinterest, facebook and blogs for loads of inspiration and try things out – you can almost always paint over the results if you don’t like them. For example just last […]

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Annie Sloan mixing colours

What do you think of this colour made with Chateau Grey and Old White? Adding 8 parts of Old White to 1 part of Chateau Grey makes a pale lichen colour Annie has called DORSET