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Annie Sloan Industrial Trolley project

Check out this nice little project. If you can get hold of any old industrial trolleys this is something you might like to try.The trolley has become a funky coffee table – after a thorough cleaning I just replaced the thin slats with some sanded down old scaffold boards, straight on with the Annie Sloan […]

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VW Beetle project with Annie Sloan

Ok – gonna give this a go, creating a Beetle on a Chest Of Drawers. First job, get your image and get it enlarged on a Laser Printer. The image has to be good quality to enlarge a lot… I have had to switch to a newer model of Beetle! 1970’s – still cool. You […]

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Get leathered with Annie Sloan!

Just discovered another wonderful thing you can use Annie Sloan Dark Wax for!. I used the Dark Wax on an old Leather Suitcase and it has brought it back to life in the same way it brings tired old dark wood back. I brushed it on/off with shoe polish brushes and then gave it a […]

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Annie Sloan Trivia

Annie Sloan is a bit of a paint legend – there’s lots of interesting facts about her, how much is fact or fiction?

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Decisions, decisions

Here’s something I do to help me visualise a project sometimes – it helps me see if something is going to ‘work’ – it’s amazing what you can do with computers these days, this is the same cupboard with 3 images I’ve photoshopped onto the front. Which one do you like most?, whichever gets the […]

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Upcycle an old scaffold board!

Any old scaffold boards laying around? – They’re quite easy to up-cycle into any number of things, here I’ve made a small bench. All you need is a saw, sander, screws and some Annie Sloan Dark Wax to get a lovely finish, it really helps bring out the old gnarled character. As it’s waxed it’s […]

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Funky Floral Feature Out Of An Old Chair

I’ve had this chair with no seat for ages, and I’ve been wondering what to do with it – well, I painted it Louis Blue by Annie Sloan (didn’t wax it), fixed in a basket and Sue sorted the flowers out – and now we’ve got a fantastic floral feature for the garden – a […]

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Stairway to Heaven (or Dovetails basement even)

If you’ve got some grotty carpet on your stairs and it needs replacing (like ours did!) – a time and money saving idea is to paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. All I did here was take up the old carpet, underlay and grip rods (hate those things) give it a good clean and hoover. […]

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Apothecary Now

Bought an old box of mini drawers in a right old state at an auction recently – the before pic is actually after I sanded a lot of marks and stains off. The thing is, I’ve always wanted an Apothecary Cabinet, but they cost a fortune – so, using Annie Sloan Decoupage and some photocopy […]

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Don’t be afraid of the Dark!

I want to tell you about the Dark stuff, Dark Wax stuff that is! I normally sing the praises of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, but I think this Dark Wax really doesn’t get the recognition it should. I use the Dark Wax on it’s own on, on lots of unpainted pieces which have water marks or scratches and […]