Letter Stencil 70mm Modern Alphabet, Upper Case and Numbers


70mm Modern Alphabet, Upper Case and Numbers

6 Sheets of 295 x 200mm made from 190 micron opaque Mylar, because we use them ourselves, we know that it’s nice to have something you can use again and again., thats why we make ours thicker and tougher than most stencils.

Capital X-height size is determined by the height of the Capital Letter “X”. (Depending on the font style, some letters may be higher, some may be lower) – you can choose from 30, 40, 50, 70 or 100mm

Using the stencils: These stencils are perfect for you to personalise your own projects. They will work on any surface including furniture, fabrics, walls, glass and flooring. For best results, affix your stencil to whatever surface you are painting with masking tape. Mask off any areas you do not wish to stencil. You can use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (our favourite!), spray paint, wall paint, and air-brushing.
We find a small amount of paint works best, do not dilute paint as this makes it watery and more liable to seep underneath the stencil.
For a crisp finish I personally apply the paint in a quick dabbing motion with a Dovetails Stencil Brush held at a 90 degree angle to the surface, slowly building up a layer of paint – like a little woodpecker!

– Postage £1 to UK, £2.50 to Europe, £3.75 to USA


10 g

100mm Capital Height, 30mm Capital Height, 40mm Capital Height, 50mm Capital Height, 70mm Capital Height


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